IT Process Reengineering, Access Controls Improvement and Security Log Review Strategy

Client / Industry Brief

  • The Client is a UAE based University, which is involved in general and various technical degree and medical programs .
  • It offers more than 85 diverse academic programs at the diploma, bachelor, master and PhD levels
  • The University has long-term cooperation agreements and strategic alliances with 31 leading academic institutions around the globe.

Project Objectives

  • To identify the culprits:
  • IT Management in the University suspected of the breach but they were absolute sure about it.
  • Process Reengineering:
  • Identification of areas where the security process can be implemented or improved upon.
  • Security Process Enhancement
  • Improving Exam Access Controls and proactively knowing what is going on in network through Log Analysis

Project Methodology

Project Benefits

  • The trend of annual exam leaks was stopped and security processes were improved upon and re-engineered.
  • Internal IT Team was trained on advanced Cyber Security measures and incident reporting for future.
  • Information Security Policy and Processes documents were redefined and documented effectively.
  • IT department is now able to proactively monitor and stop hacking attempts both from internal and external threat vectors.

Case Studies

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