Development of the revised FDI grant model, along with accompanying documents, including changes to policies, user manuals, etc. for Tamkeen

Client / Industry Brief

  • Tamkeen is the premier SME developmental entity in Bahrain offering programs and subsidies to stimulate the growth and development of the private sector in Bahrain
  • As a part of its initiatives, Tamkeen designed a strategic grant support scheme in 2007 with a view to facilitate and promote growth of companies and ventures in Bahrain in collaboration with foreign partners OR supporting foreign companies in setting up their presence in Bahrain and thus securing higher foreign direct investment into Bahrain

Key Project Objectives

  • A revised investment support model was developed that can provide for customized ‘support tracks’ which are contextualized to the sector of business activity of the applicant
  • Development of the required tools & templates, checklists and forms as deemed required for operationalizing the new scheme policies and procedures
  • Identification of suitable key performance indicators to develop a comprehensive monitoring framework for the scheme and assess potential impact of the scheme

Project Methodology

Project Benefits

  • The enhanced Strategic Support Grant Scheme Model would enable Tamkeen to adequately assess the FDIs coming into the country and the grant required, along with appropriate monitoring on the usage.
  • The revised model considers Applicability criteria, increased weightage on objective parameters, prioritization of grant amount, auto disbursement calculation, etc. allowing for more accurate disbursement, in line with country’s and Tamkeen’s strategic direction.
  • The comprehensive framework of the enhanced model can allow Tamkeen to make the necessary value improvements to the quality, reach, impact and effectiveness of the scheme over a period of time.

Case Studies

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