Viability Study & Analysis of a shipping company to submit a restructuring proposal for a Bahraini Bank

Client / Industry Brief

  • The client was a shipping company that provides offshore marine services like chartering of vessels and equipment for sea transportation and logistics services.
  • The client was established in 2014 & operates through its own 4 vessels.
  • The company had availed loan from a Bahraini bank for the purchase of two of its vessels. It had approached the bank with a proposal requesting for loan restructuring.

Project Objectives

  • Evaluation of the proposal and business plans:
  • Determine effectiveness of the operating and distribution models along with validating the marketing/ distribution plans, etc.
  • Comprehensive assessment of financial forecasts for the client
  • Assessment of market risks and validation of overall recommendations in context of business potential
  • Develop an evaluation report to be submitted for the bank’s consideration.

Project Methodology

Project Benefits

  • Estimated market potential (in terms of competitive rivalry, inherent business potential & preferences of target customer segments)
  • Identification of project risks taking into account the macro-economic conditions into account.
  • Accurate conclusions based on market estimates.
  • Independent consultant view on the financial risks linked to the project.
  • Case report duly highlighting the evaluation of the proposal as well as the validations conducted/ insights developed supporting the evaluation.

Case Studies

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