About Us

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision
Our Vision

To be a trusted brand in providing in-depth research and consulting services, that Empower our clients with knowledge and insights, to drive sustainable impact

Our Mission
Our Mission

We aim to achieve this vision by
- Providing actionable recommendations and advisory that culminates from a process of exploratory fact finding and analytical problem solving
- Building and maintaining robust, long-term client relationships that become the very foundation of our brand equity
- Developing a team of self-motivated individuals who thrive in a highly entrepreneurial environment and have a passion for client focused and creative solutions
- Fostering a culture of accountability, success and pride in delivering excellence

Our Values
Our Values

We will strive to stay true to our vision by upholding the values that we stand for
- Integrity is fundamental to all we do
- Our highest commitment is to the success of our clients
- Fostering trust is the best form of investment in our brand

Our Capability Statement


Businesses interviewed, across different Government programs in the region.


80+ years

Combined industry experience across public policy, strategy design, applied research and due diligence.



Face to face meetings with CXO level employees since 2016.


150+ satisfied

Clients across the region, including pivotal Government agencies in the region.

Our Practices


Enable our strategic Government clients to design, implement and evaluate policies and programs that foster economic development and prosperity

Support our clients to improve their internal performance and increase internal efficiencies

Enable our clients to achieve their strategic, tactical and operational goals, through “grounded” strategy roadmaps and data-oriented planning models

Support clients with their financial reporting and compliance needs

Empower our clients to become digitally agile

Offer our clients insightful research to examine new opportunities and expand into new markets

Empact’s holistic approach ensures a detailed feasibility and analysis of the envisaged strategic direction, resulting in the development of a comprehensive ‘Feasibility Study’ or Business Plan

Enable our clients to unlock “enterprise value”, through investment support services - appraisals, due-diligence and investment structuring for acquisitions, stake-sales, mergers and joint ventures

Our Key Clients