Design and implementation of an internal strategic framework based on ‘Balanced scorecard framework’ for an IT firm in KSA

Client / Industry Brief

  • The Client is an IT Firm in KSA, which is involved in development and deployment of ERP solutions in education and healthcare sectors.
  • IT has about 220 employees and offices in two different countries (KSA & Jordan)
  • The company is a market leader in terms of market share in both the sectors and has a high growth potential in the next 3-5 years

Project Objectives

  • Design of Balance Scorecard*:
  • Identify key challenges faced in various business processes and function and design an effective balanced strategy
  • Implementation of 22 strategic initiatives identified as a part of design phase, which includes initiatives linked to customers, revenue and profitability, resources and internal processes*
  • Training of internal staff on strategy linked objectives and new processes designed during the implementation phase.

Project Methodology

Project Benefits

  • Strategy framework developed for the firm by identification of 41 key initiatives (detailed during the design phase)
  • 22 prioritized initiatives implemented in 10 months; wherein the project team concluded three surveys, re-engineered 7 processes, designed tools and templates for various functions, standardized three core functions and developed a plan to setup a strategic R&D unit within the firm
  • Training was provided to the nominated strategy management officer on ‘Balance Scorecard’ and prioritized strategic initiatives. Other staff members were trained on newly designed processes.

Case Studies

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